Land Rover Performance

Performance tuning and upgrades from AutoLogin and Bearmach
We can offer two types of the best performance options

Autologic performance upgrades at our premises and Bearmach DIY
Unfortunately we can no longer offer Autologic performance upgrades. Please see message below from Autologic

Over the last five years, the level of complexity present in modern cars has increased at a phenomenal rate. Individual engine control units (ECUs) and in-vehicle computing in a general sense have advanced to such a level that development occupies a great deal of our expert time and resources. We are committed to keeping pace with this in-car technology revolution, but to do so, we need to prioritize our research and development resources. Given all this technology change, increased car complexity and, from a purely Autologic perspective, the focus on exciting new service and product developments, we have decided to re-prioritize our efforts. Taking all of these factors together, we have concluded that performance tuning is no longer something we can offer to our customers.

Bearmach Power +Plus Digital Tuning Module
Enhanced performance for diesel powered Land Rovers
+ Better Acceleration
+ Increased Power
+ Greater Torque
+ Improved Fuel Economy
+ Improved Driveability
+ Direct Plug-in Module
+ No Wiring Necessary.

The Power+Plus Digital Tuning Module from Bearmach is a power upgrade especially designed for Land Rover diesel vehicles.
It is easy to fit by any competent DIY mechanic - simply plug the unit to the existing wiring loom between the ECU and engine, fix the unit where convenient and drive away to feel the immediate benefits of increased power, torque and efficiency.

Power+Plus is the simple solution if you want better on-road speed and acceleration or more torque to enhance off-road and towing capabilities.

Power+Plus units are vehicle specific to ensure you have the right unit to suit your vehicle.

No splicing into vehicle wiring harness. No add in boxes or chips.

Want to install it yourself then this is the best option

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